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Brow coloring
Brow architecture
Men's Eyebrows
For organizers
Master class for novice and working masters in brow design. Length: 1 day (4 hours)
Min participant without practice - 20 people
Max participant with practice - 8 people
Starter kits
Master Class Program
Using BH Brow Henna
The advantages of using BH Brow Henna in eyebrow staining.
Contraindications and their clarification
The staining stages
Application techniques, exposure time, the effects of particular texture on color intensity.
Staining techniques
The overview of staining techniques.
Ombré effect
Creating an "ombré" effect, a challenging eyebrow staining technique.
BH Coloring
BH Coloring. The secrets of selecting the perfect shade for each client.
Ideal mixes
Ideal mixes, possible errors and the ways to correct them.
Eyebrow care
Eyebrow care after staining. The guidelines for clients.
BASIC + Advance
Course for novice and working artists in brow design. Length: 2 days
Min students - 6 people
Max students - 8 people
Starter kits
Course Program
Rules of equipping the work station
Rules of treating the tools and the work station, disinfection, sterilization. Methods of hair removal. Rules of working with tweezers, hand placement.
Analysis of customer's face
Threading and types of threads. Tools for marking. Analysis of customer's face. Analysis of brows. Architecture of brows. Symmetry of brows: methods and secrets.
Control lines and points
Formula for constructing ideal brows Lash&Brow. Width and length of ideal brows.Coloring. Brow color intensity. Contraindications. Psychology: behavior in conflict situations.
Correction and Toning of Men's Eyebrows
The "Correction of Men's Eyebrows" training course will help masters to enhance their professional skills and significantly increase the customer base. After all, men also take care of themselves, and men's eyebrows design is a real trend in the global beauty industry and one of the most popular procedures. Length: 1 day
Min students - 6 people
Max students - 8 people
Starter kits
Course Programm
Modeling of men's eyebrows
    Modeling of men's eyebrows with tweezers, thread, wax, scissors. Selecting the desired color using henna, paint and brightening paste.
    Basic forms of men's eyebrows
    Basic forms of men's eyebrows. Eyebrow structure and proportions. Eyebrow formation rules, symmetry.
    Analyzing the eyebrow condition
    Structure of hairs. Analyzing the eyebrow condition (with the help of photographs). Correction with tweezers, wax, scissors (technique of use).
    Coloring of eyebrows
    Threading (eastern method of removing hairs) of eyebrows and beard. Coloring of eyebrows with henna and paint (video guide). Brightening of eyebrows with Jolen paste (video guide).
    Information for organizers
    Place for trainings
    You need to find a room for training with the maximum equipping and at the best
    rental price with su􀃺cient space for the trainees.
    It is also necessary to arrange with the nearest hotel for the best terms for housing the students.
    You need to arrange promotion of the courses, and collect applications and send all the information to their e-mail address
    A demonstration model is invited on paid basis for the course on microblading for the artist-trainer. The recommended cost is 30% of the average market cost of the procedure.
    A 50 % pre-payment must be made no later than 7 days before the training.
    The orginizer sends to the trainer address, room layout and photo of the room 7 days before the course.
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