How to develop in Lash & Brow industry together with BROWXENNA community, to triple your income and to rise to stardom
Professionals Community
Thousands of professionals from all over the world are ready to share their experience and knowledge with newcomers.
Acquiring of Knowledge
LB Expert is a portal, a system of knowledge and continuous learning, with constant updating access to materials from the Lash & Brow best trainers and speakers.
Professional Development Center
50+ training courses, webinars and seminars on eyebrows, eyelashes, microblading, promotion, personal branding, products and much more.
Business Partner
A business partner that helps masters and trainers to sell and earn money on services, knowledge and experience, on the sale of Levchuk Group materials and products.
Become part of the BROWXENNA TEAM
Talented eyebrow architecture masters can work with us in the team as the Lash&Brow trainers and top artists. Complete 4 steps of success, and become a representative of the Lash&Brow Academy in your city
BrowXenna® Artists
BrowXenna® Artists are eyebrow artists who work with BrowXenna® products and meet BrowXenna® quality standards. Every BrowXenna® Artist gets a special logo which later is to put on Artist's professional pictures. The logo confirms that the Artist is an expert and has eyebrow shape building skills, knows perfectly the technology of working with the product and its color.
BrowXenna® Brand Trainer
BrowXenna® Brand Trainers are official trainers of BrowXenna® brand, who host workshops: "BrowXenna® Shape&Color" and "BrowXenna® Lamination and long-term blow".
Bonuses for BrowXenna® team members
Access to work materials: POSM, manuals and presentations for workshops, certificates and other materials.
BrowXenna® Team community
Access to a closed BrowXenna® Team community: communication and sharing experiences with other team members.
International experience
Participation in international exhibitions as an expert of Levchuk Professional Company. Hosting of workshops in Russia and abroad (European countries, Malaysia, Japan, the USA and other countries).
Lifelong learning
Access to free training materials. Special conditions for courses, trainings and seminars.
BrowXenna® community meetings
Participation in community meetings.
BrowXenna® community loyalty system
Participation in the loyalty system, where you get a chance to win some valuable prizes (cars, trips abroad).
1st stage
How to become BrowXenna® Artists
Send an application
Fill out the form, record a video message (tell us about yourself) and send it to us along with some examples of your work.
Or get a personal recommendation from existing BrowXenna® Brand Trainers and contact the BrowXenna® Manager.

Get a branded sticker
From your personal manager you will receive a branded sticker for using in your social networks.
2nd stage
How to become BrowXenna® Brand Trainer

Online pre-test
TThe candidate does the eyebrow architecture procedure online, demonstrating their skills or sends a video recording of the demonstration. The coach evaluates the skill of the master and gives a conclusion in the evaluation sheet.
The coaching course
After pretest, master reserves a convenient date of the coaching course Shape&Color BrowXenna, it goes with the coach. Training lasts about 3-4 hours.
After passing the coaching course, the candidate can sign up for a convenient date of passing the oral exam. Also in the exam is included demonstration of the procedure by the coach. It can be online or in advance, before the exam, can be provided in video. A positive result shall entitle the coach to teach authors courses of the Academy, Shape&Color BrowXenna.
Starter kits for your students
Kits for BrowXenna® Brand Trainer
Feedback from our partners
Anastasia Nesterova
BROWXENNA Certified Trainer
Hello! Yesterday I completed my first Shape & Color BH training. Thank you for helping me, for your advices and support.
The first step was not troublesome, if only a little bit ... for technical reasons, the book did not synchronize with TV, and slides had to be shown from the laptop ...
Also, three people were planned, however only two people came. Now I will correct the mistakes, and next time I'll do even better

Victoria Romanenkova
BROWXENNA Certified Trainer
I wish to thank you for traveling to Poland as an assistant of Anya Samovicheva 🙏.. The training lasted 4 days; Polish masters instructed how to correct and color the eyebrows, to design the beard.
For me it was a huge experience 💪, which gave me one more push for development 🙈. There are many new ideas, which I will implement 💋 ❤❤❤
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